Your personal insurance also needs attention because you need to devote yourself to your business or profession.  We help you protect your current lifestyle and plan for the future whether it be protecting your hard-earned assets or estate planning and business succession.  

Lines of Coverage 

  • Personal Home & Auto
  • Life Insurance--Term Life, Whole Life, Variable Life, Universal Variable Life
  • Annuities

Why You Should Call Arktouros. 

  • Personal Home & Auto.    Your residential mortgage loan and the motor vehicle regulations require that you purchase insurance.  Oftentimes, insurers will provide discounts if you bundle Home & Auto together. Sometimes, discounts are offered if you also request commercial insurance.  If you run a business from your home or must use your personal auto regularly for business purposes, do you know if your personal insurance will cover for losses or claims due to business activities?  Find out by calling Arktouros for a comprehensive review of both personal and business needs.

  • Life Insurance.  All types of Life Insurance protect against losses due to death; how much of a death benefit paid out depends upon the type of  policy you purchase, but a life insurance policy is a form of estate planning. Except for Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life have built-in features for accumulating cash values that you may draw upon in the form of loans, partial surrenders or withdrawals; and there are hybrid policies to choose from.  Life Insurance is also useful for business succession plans and even required for certain business loans, such as protecting against credit default when the sole proprietor dies.  Call Arktouros to discuss the different types of policies and how to have a structured approach towards estate planning or business ventures.

  • Annuities.   A large value or sum of money divided into smaller sums of money regularly distributed over time, annuities protect against the costs of living longer.  Commonly associated with retirement planning, annuities can be useful in a structured plan for future income or cash flow streams.  Potentially adverse tax consequences can happen due to the distribution of monies and/or the timing of premiums paid into an annuity policy.   Annuities may also have a death benefit paid to another beneficiary other than the deceased recipient of annuity payments.  Call Arktouros to understand the key features of Life and Annuity policies so you can better plan the future for yourself and/or an important person in your life.




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